LTL Freight Companies

Metropolitan Freight handles is one of the largest LTL Freight Companies in North America. We go beyond what common carriers offer and do more for you at highly discounted prices.

Metropolitan Freight works with thousands of independent specialty carriers that will get your freight where you want it, when you want it for a price that makes a big difference in your budget. We offer money saving solutions everyday with no shipping minimums. For all of your shipping needs make us your primary provider.

You can rely on Metropolitan Freight for fast response, exceptional service and superior moving and shipping services. We clearly explain your moving and shipping options whether you need LTL shipping for a single pallet or a shipment of scrap steel.

Our LTL pricing is the most competitive in the industry and we are constantly negotiating our pricing to bring you the best rates! We offer less than truckload services from one pallet to 10,000 lbs using our dependable network of regional and long haul LTL carriers in the United States, Canada and Mexico. We work with customers to find the best LTL solution to match your budget and requirements.

We offer discounts of up to 80% with some of our LTL carriers. Not all freight brokers are the same, as confirmed by their service and price. Here at Metropolitan Freight we can help you sort through the discounts, freight class, interlining and billing maze that many times make LTL shipments frustrating and costly.

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