Tanker Transportation

Metropolitan Logistics are experts at hauling dry and liquid products with our extensive tanker transportation network. We ship everything from bulk plastic and orange juice to soybean oils and liquid polymers.  

As a freight brokerage firm we have a access to hundreds of food tanker carriers which includes units with special modifications to improve unloading efficiency and to provide added protection against contamination, and we often dedicate trailers to customers with specialized needs. Our fleet is comprised of Kosher and Non-Kosher food grade tankers.

We made our reputation by hauling food and pharmaceutical grade plastic and raw materials for some of the industry’s most demanding clients in North America, and we treat every load with that same special care and attention to detail.

Our carriers tanker transportation payload capacities range from 4,500 Liters to 30,000 liters allowing excellent access to carrying capacity ratios. Many in the fleet are fitted with rear lifting/steering axles to further increase accessibility.

Our professional service offers the most direct, environmentally friendly and cost effective method of dealing with waste, which include collection and disposal from:

  • Food/Drink manufacturers
  • Sewer Drainage Networks
  • Landfill Civil amenities
  • Treatment plants Transfer stations
  • Fuel station depots
  • Garage Forecourts
  • Quarry Mining operations
  • Oil exploration Chemical manufacturers
  • Harbors and Ports

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